Animal Lawyers & Litigation Experts

A. G. Fox Law is the only integrated Animal Law Consultancy firm in Britain, working internationally

A. G. Fox Law is for anyone who needs help with animal related legal issues, as a lawyer or as an expert witness or consultant. We are not an ‘animal rights’ or ‘animal welfare’ firm and our staff and consultants are completely independent and impartial. They are as likely to be found prosecuting or defending cruelty cases, appearing for claimants or defendants in personal injury claims, or representing developers or objectors in planning disputes. Our aim is to provide easy access for the public  to the right advice from the best and most experienced people in the field at reasonable cost, general much lower than ‘High Street’ lawyers.

Why do you need an Expert Witness?

What can happen if lawyers fail to seek expert advice?

Single Joint Expert?

Why the SJE in animal-related cases can be a recipe for disaster.