Professor Barry Peachey

Principal of A. G. Fox Law International

Prof Barry Peachey became Chairman of the Equine & Animal Lawyers Association in 1996 when at the request of the previous management committee he took over the small existing group and combined it with the journal Horse Law - The Equine Law & Litigation Reports of which he was already the founding Editor. The Association was dissolved in 2018 as its function had been superceded by technology.

Barry Peachey was born in the New Forest in Hampshire in 1955 where his father, the late Frank Peachey, was Huntsman of the New Forest Foxhounds, and his mother was Groom. Inevitably he learned to ride as a small child, and at one time or another has been involved in a wide range of equestrian activities. He joined the Hampshire Constabulary as a Cadet in 1971, and after serving around the County, retired due to injury in 1986. He worked for a Lloyds Syndicate for a year, but then went to train as a solicitor at Doggett Hawke, solicitors in Basingstoke, eventually running a Department specialising in countryside law issues.


Since 1986, and full-time since 1988 his professional practice has been as an Expert Witness and Consultant in horse, dog, wildlife and livestock litigation. Specialising in equine and other animal biology and ecology, he has given expert evidence and advice in cases throughout Britain, and also in the USA, Hong Kong and Australia, for clients ranging from private individuals to major commercial concerns and government departments.


He has produced several books and hundreds of articles on countryside legal issues, including a major Solicitors Journal series, and has lectured widely in Britain, and also in universities and conferences in the USA. This work has included lengthy periods of service as Legal Editor of Countryman's Weekly, and Sporting Gun magazines. He has served as Chairman of the Legal Aid Working Party of the British Academy of Experts, and is widely used as a commercial lecturer on Experts' Costs.